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From the gardens of Cavallino Treporti to your table

Delicious and genuine products sourced locally, directly from the gardens of Cavallino

The cuisine of Cavallino Treporti is not only synonymous with fresh seafood every day but also with high-quality locally sourced vegetables and fruits.
This little corner of paradise is indeed the perfect destination for those who prefer sustainable tourism, immersed in nature and surrounded by the scents and flavours of the land.


The territory of Cavallino Treporti stands out for its strong horticultural vocation, closely linked to good climatic conditions and the morphological and physicochemical characteristics of the soil. It is a unique and special environment, nestled between the sea and the lagoon, which is directly reflected in the vibrant and intense color of our horticultural products, their unique flavor, freshness, and intrinsic qualities that are appreciated by young and old alike.

In addition to these elements, there is the great professionalism of local farmers who, for generations, have cultivated their land with extreme dedication and passion. Over time, they have made Cavallino’s vegetables known even beyond borders.

During your sustainable vacation in Cavallino Treporti, you can taste delicious and genuine products, starting from our tomatoes, zucchini, eggplants, peppers, cucumbers, artichokes, and lettuces.
You will find various farms with direct sales, farm-campsites, and agritourism establishments where you can appreciate the locally sourced products. Additionally, there are restaurants and venues that skilfully combine tradition and innovation in every dish, enhancing the excellence of the raw materials.


Per visitare gli orti di Cavallino Treporti e vedere con i tuoi occhi dove vengono coltivate le nostre eccellenze ortofrutticole, ti suggeriamo il percorso in bici “La via degli Orti della Laguna”. To visit the orchards of Cavallino Treporti and see with your own eyes where our horticultural excellences are cultivated, we suggest taking the bike route “La via degli Orti della Laguna” (the Orchards of the Lagoon).
Along this 25.5 km itinerary, you can discover the most authentic side of the lagoon environment, with orchards, gardens, salt marshes, fishing valleys, and farming traditions. You will also come across numerous farms ready to let you taste and tell you about the typical products of the region, including the “sparasea” (asparagus) or the jujubes.


Cavallino Treporti is the typical area of production for the bitter green asparagus Montine, better known as “la sparasea” in the Venetian dialect. Cultivated exclusively in the surrounding territory near the shoreline, it is the particularly mild climate that characterizes the area and the sandy soils along the seaside that give it that rich and subtly bitter flavor.

The asparagus reaches maturity between mid-March and early May, and it is during this period that it becomes the undisputed protagonist of the traditionalFesta dea Sparasea”, which has been held in Cavallino Treporti since 1970, usually at the end of April and beginning of May. An event that attracts a large number of visitors every year, eager to taste this delicacy and enjoy live music, games, sports events, and lots of entertainment.


Did you know that the coastline of Cavallino, from the mouth of the Sile River to Punta Sabbioni, including the islands of Treporti, Lio Piccolo, and Mesole, is also well-known for the production of the jujube fruit?

With its twisted and spiky appearance, the jujube tree produces small flowers of light-yellow color with greenish hues, which are particularly visited by bees, despite having a nearly absent fragrance. The fruit is a small oval drupe, similar in size to an olive, with a sweet and sugary flesh that is white or slightly greenish when immature.