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Real estate valuations

Discover together with Leotours how much your property is worth!

Complete real estate valuations

Do you want to rent or sell your property but you don’t know how much it’s worth? Do you want to know if its value has increased, decreased or remained unchanged since you purchased it?

Don’t choose just any real estate agent for the valuation of your properties, but trust the Leotours professionals!
Thanks to our extensive experience in the real estate market, our team guarantees accurate, reliable and fast real estate valuations, on which to base your subsequent sales or investment choices.

We objectively evaluate all the technical and economic data related to your property, offering you estimates, appraisals, due diligence, and real and safe real estate valuations.

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Trust Leotours with the valuation of your property

There are several reasons why it’s useful to rely on a Leotours real estate agent to obtain a certain and complete valuation of your property. Here are some:

1. Extensive experience and knowledge of the real estate market: our agents know how to properly evaluate a property based on its location, features, and market conditions.

2. Accurate valuation: Leotours uses various sources of data, such as the real estate sales database and statistics on properties sold in the area, to accurately evaluate the property and provide you with a realistic estimate of its market value.

3. Time and energy savings: evaluating your own property alone takes a lot of time and energy, especially if you don’t have experience in the field. Entrusting yourself to Leotours allows you to save time and avoid errors that could compromise the value of the property.

4. Professional advice: our real estate agents offer advice on how to improve the value of the property, such as with small renovation or furnishing interventions that can help make the property more appealing on the market.

5. Access to a wide network of potential buyers: this allows for greater visibility in the market and increases the chances of selling at a fair price.

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Leotours services are the result of the work of professionals who have chosen to make real estate valuations and consulting an their commitment and passion for over 40 years. The result of experience, seriousness, and professionalism.