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Real Estate investments in the Hotel & Luxury sector

Real Estate Investments

Leotours has over forty years of experience in managing real estate sales and purchases, during which we have built a team of professionals specialized in turning your real estate investments into real income for 12 months a year.

We have the knowledge and experience to identify the most interesting and profitable investment opportunities in the real estate market. This includes the search for properties with potential for growth in value and/or profitability, as well as the evaluation of market risks and opportunities.

Furthermore, we propose real estate investments according to specific needs, such as hotels and large operations, which can offer significant earning opportunities.
Thanks to our knowledge of national and international tourist market flows, we have been providing our property owner clients with 360-degree consultancy and real post-sale income suitable for their real estate investment for years.

Investimenti immobiliari Jesolo, Cavallino Treporti e Venezia
Investimenti immobiliari alberghieri - Hotel in vendita a Venezia, Jesolo, Cavallino Treporti

Hotel Investments

As demonstrated by trains and planes always being full, tourism is booming, and with it, the hotel real estate sector is growing.

Hotels are a particularly interesting form of real estate investment because they offer a high and stable potential return, as well as the possibility of long-term appreciation of the property value.

Leotours offers you a series of truly interesting hotel investments to consolidate or diversify your real estate portfolio.
Among our proposals, you will find three, four and five-star accommodation facilities, located in the most touristy and excellent areas of Veneto, such as the splendid Venice or in the heart of our magical Dolomites.

Luxury properties for sale

For years, Leotours has stood out in the luxury real estate market in the Veneto region. cancellare  , cancellare cancellare Being immersed in a territory rich in art, architecture, nature, and unique landscapes, we offer several luxury properties with modern and elegant designs, with seafront views, located in the historic center of unique cities, nestled in the green hills, or set among the enchanting Dolomites.

As experts in real estate investments, we understand the complexities and challenges of investing in this market.
For this reason, we are capable of managing the entire investment process, from evaluating the opportunity to acquiring the property and managing the investment
This allows us to offer our clients a comprehensive solution for their real estate investment.

Immobili di lusso in vendita Cavallino Jesolo Venezia - Investimenti immobiliari luxury Leotours

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