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Real estate consultancy

We support you in every stage of the buying and selling process.

360-degree real estate consulting services

Active since 1978 in the sector, Leotours offers its clients a complete and reliable service of real estate consulting, both in the field of buying and selling properties, and for tourist rentals in the territory of Cavallino Treporti, Jesolo, and Venice.

After analysing the property in detail and taking into account the demand and supply in the relevant market, our team is ready to tell you exactly how, when, and at what price to sell, buy, or rent a property, revealing the most advantageous strategies to enhance it and obtain the maximum profit. The phase of periodic verification that we carry out with each client is then fundamental, to evaluate the results achieved and eventually refine the strategies adopted.

Consulenza immobiliare compravendita e locazioni - Cavallino Treporti Venezia
Consulenza immobiliare compravendita e locazioni Cavallino Treporti - Agenzia Leotours Immobiliare

Assistance in buying and selling

Are you looking for professional and reliable support in the complex world of buying and selling?
Our team of experts is ready to help you with tailor-made consulting services in buying and selling, and to support you from start to finish throughout the entire process of buying or selling your property.

We support you in every stage with personalized services to meet your specific needs: we help you draft a preliminary contract that meets all legal requirements and guarantees the protection of your interests; we take care of the registration procedure and make sure that all documents are correctly deposited with the Revenue Agency. In addition, we provide assistance for sending the documentation to the notary, ensuring that all legal formalities are completed smoothly and without delays.

By choosing Leotours’ real estate consulting services, you can be sure to entrust your buying and selling operations to safe hands.

Rental Consultancy

If you are a property owner, you already know how important it is to have solvent tenants who pay their rent on time and take care of your property. But finding them can sometimes be a challenge, not to mention the process of drawing up a lease and registering it with the tax authorities.

That’s where our rental advice comes in!
The Leotours team can help you identify the best potential tenants for your home, ensuring a steady stream of monthly income.
We also help you draw up a fair and legally binding lease agreement, so you can rest easy knowing that your property is protected.

But our service doesn’t stop there: we also take care of the process of registration with the Internal Revenue Service, without you having to worry about any legal problems in the future. And if you need help with the registration of agreed rental agreements, we are at your disposal here too.

Don’t let the stress of managing a rental property overwhelm you! With Leotours you can make the most of your investment, thanks to a comprehensive rental advisory service.

Appartamenti in affitto a Cavallino Treporti - Leotours Immobiliare

Our services

Telematic registration of rental contracts (per contract)€ 40.00 + VAT
Telematic registration of rental contracts with flat tax (per contract)€ 40.00 + VAT
Preparation of rental contracts (per contract)€ 150.00 + VAT
Preparation and registration of rental contracts (per contract)€ 180.00 + VAT
Preparation of preliminary sales contracts (per contract)€ 500.00 + VAT
Preparation and registration of preliminary sales contracts (per contract, excluding taxes and stamps)€ 550.00 + VAT
Energy performance certificates (per certificate)€ 180.00 + VAT
Land registry searches (per search)€ 10.00 + VAT
Cadastre plans (per plan)€ 40.00 + VAT

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Leotours services are the result of the work of professionals who have chosen to make real estate consulting their commitment and passion for over 40 years. The result of experience, seriousness, and professionalism.

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