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Bacaro Tour in Venice

Cicchetti and affordable drinks: discover the typical hangouts in Venice

In the marvelous and enchanting city of Venice, there is nothing more typical than the Bacaro Tour.. Also known as the “giro par ombre,” it is one of the favorite rituals among young and old Venetians, inhabitants of surrounding areas, and visitors in general.

The bàcari,infact, are a true institution in the city and a unique opportunity to discover the most authentic flavors of Venice at truly affordable prices.

But let’s proceed in order…


A Bacaro is a typical Venetian tavern where glasses of red wine (ombre), white wine (bianchetti), and spritz are mainly served, always accompanied by small bites of food (cicheti).
Scattered throughout the various districts of the city, these establishments are characterized by small, simply furnished spaces with wooden tables and chairs, barrels, and many other elements that evoke the history and tradition of Venice.

Inside, you will find a convivial and welcoming atmosphere where Venetians gather to chat and exchange jokes in the company of the host.

The name Bacaro comes from the Venetian expression “far bacara“, which means to party, make noise, have fun, while the term “ombra” derives from the ancient custom of itinerant wine sellers in Piazza San Marco who would move their wine barrels following the shade of the bell tower to keep it cool.
The cicheto, on the other hand, comes from the Latin word “ciccus,” which means “small quantity“. Among the classics, you will find sarde in saòr (marinated sardines), baccalà mantecato on roasted polenta, and fòlpeti in umido (stewed baby octopus), but also various fried dishes, meatballs, and crostini to suit all tastes, which will attract you like a magnet from the display case on the counter.


How about embarking on a tour of the most authentic Bacari in Venice, where you can still discover the true essence of Venice, taste typical foods, listen to friendly conversations among patrons, and feel part of this grand stage that is Venice.

Here are some recommended establishments by the Leotours team for your Bacaro Tour in Venice:

Bacareto da Lele.
For those arriving from Piazzale Roma, Bacareto da Lele is a must-visit stop. Located in a corner of Campo dei Tolentini, this tiny establishment has no seating or restroom facilities. It is an institution for university students and others who drink and eat in the adjacent small square, leaning against the external barrels of the establishment.
Bacareto da Lele has gained a reputation for the quality of its sandwiches with salami, cheese, porchetta with or without mustard, mortadella and artichokes, coppa, prosciutto and mushrooms. The prices are very affordable, and Fabio, who serves the wine continuously, is known for his friendliness.

Al Squero.
Located in the Dorsoduro district, this small yet welcoming establishment is situated in front of one of the last working squeri (shipyards) in Venice. The counter is always filled with enticing delights: stuffed sandwiches, crostini with herring, butter, and onion, or tuna and caramelized onion, truffle pâté with ham or cheese cream, radicchio and walnuts, and many other inventive and imaginative options. Classic dishes like sarde in saor and baccalà mantecato or stewed cod are also available.
During sunny days, it is recommended to fill a small plate with the selected treats and enjoy them outdoors, leaning against the canal-side wall.

Cantinone “già Schiavi”.
Established in 1944, this is a renowned and historically significant stop, where mother Alessandra and her children continue the business with enthusiasm and creativity, as evident in the wide array of cicheti displayed in the showcase: tuna and radicchio, tuna and leeks, brie with nettle sauce, pumpkin with ricotta and Parmesan, and even unusual ingredients like flower petals or cocoa. Classic options with cod or herring, as well as a variety of cured meats and cheeses, are also available.
It also functions as a wine bar, as seen from the shelves filled with bottles adorning the walls.

Cantina Do Mori.
One of the most historic and legendary Venetian bacari, founded in 1462 near the Rialto area and frequented by a young Casanova, who allegedly used its double exit for his romantic escapades. Its specialty is the “Francobolli,” small square-shaped stuffed sandwiches, and a selection of over 150 wine labels. There are no tables, so patrons lean against the counter while admiring the copper pots hanging from the ceiling.

Vecio Trani.
Located in the Castello district along Via Garibaldi, the only street in Venice that is not called “calle” but “via.” This establishment offers wine, spritz, and beer to accompany various cicchetti prepared with fresh ingredients at fair prices. Specialties include creative crostini, fried cod, zucchini flowers, meatballs, fried vegetables, broccoli and cheese, chicken paprika, vegetable burgers, the ever-present tramezzini, and occasionally oysters and langoustines.

Al Timon.
During your Bacaro Tour in Venice, don’t miss this classic venue, located on Fondamenta dei Ormesini, one of the busiest areas during happy hour and in the evenings. The counter displays an endless variety of enticing cicchetti that can be enjoyed while seated at the tables or in the wooden boat moored along the canal, providing an evening of conversation.