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The Via degli Orti della Laguna

A bike route in the Lagoon, among vegetable gardens, salt marshes, and fishing valleys

With its 25.5 km on paved terrain, “The Via degli Orti della Laguna” (the lagoon vegetable garden route) is the longest cycling path in Cavallino Treporti, recommended for those who want to discover the oldest and most authentic face of the lagoon, among vegetable gardens, gardens, salt marshes, fishing valleys, and peasant traditions.

Immerse yourself in the quiet and serene atmosphere of the lagoon environment, during which you can visit the ancient village of Lio Piccolo, the former convent of Mesole, and the fascinating loop of Valle Olivara.

THE via degli orti della laguna

LENGTH: 25.5 km
TERRAIN: paved
DIFFICULTY: moderate

The route starts from the bridge over the Pordelio canal, then follows the cycle path along via Treportina.
After crossing the next bridge at PortoSecco, you reach the historic center of Treporti, passing in front of the Church of the Holy Trinity with its two characteristic bell towers.

After crossing the Saccagnana bridge a little further ahead, you reach a junction: turning left, you take the cycle path along via della Ricevitoria, which leads to the vaporetto embarkation point after about a kilometer.

Turning right instead, you continue for about a kilometer and a half along via Saccagnana, following the canal of the same name until the intersection with via del Prà, which you take on the left.
You cross the old square and continue along via di Lio Piccolo.

After about a kilometer, you reach another junction: turning left, you continue along via Lio Piccolo, reaching the small village of Romanesque origin after about 2 km. On its square, you will find the Church of Santa Maria della Neve and the old Boldù Palace.


Continuing along Via Lio Piccolo, you reach the restaurant Il Notturno, just before which you can climb onto the embankment of Via della Liona, a naturalistic archaeological path on a dirt road. From there, before the small settlement of Casa Zola, a path turns around Valle Olivari and after about 3 km leads back to the square of Lio Piccolo. 

Returning to the junction for Mesole, you can reach the ancient former convent of Mesole in just over 1 km, with its large external chimney, and continue for another 2 and a half kilometers, surrounded by a succession of lagoons and fishing valleys, passing alongside cultivated areas until reaching a private property.

The return is made along the same route as the outward journey, back to the Pordelio Bridge.

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