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20 Sep

Before buying a house, you checked if ....

Buying a home is one of the most important purchases you will make in your life and that is where you make less checks and more mistakes.

That's why, before buying a house, it is good to check various aspects, both urban and fiscal:

- Check the regularity of the building and the cadastral compliance.
- Check the ownership of the property.
- Check if there are pawns, mortgages or transcripts.
- Check if there are any hidden defects of the property.

And if you buy a house in a condominium, it is good to check also:

- if the current owner has paid the condominium expenses for the current year and the previous year;
- if extraordinary expenses have been resolved by the shareholders' meeting.

These are some of the checks that must be done before buying a house. To do this you will have to spend time and resources. Here are some good reasons to rely on a real estate agency to search for your future home.

Contact us and for the properties that will be proposed, these and other checks have already been made!

Before buying a house, you checked if ....